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Blogger “read more” without the bug

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This hack was written before the introduction of Blogger jump-break (read more) feature. Blogger jum... see more »

Create printer friendly blog pages

BloggerSentral blogging tips
You’ve probably seen this “Print this article” feature numerous times, on news websites, those free ... see more »

Adding a floating “back to top” button

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Back to Top button or link is a link that sends your viewer to the top of page once clicked. This wi... see more »

Using image as background

Using image as a background can be implemented easily using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). In Blogger CSS can be accessed by going to Dashboar... see more »

How to backup a Blogger template

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Why do I need to backup my blog template? you may ask. Because sometimes unexpected things happen, i... see more »

Google’s six principles of competition and openness

BloggerSentral blogging tips
I stumbled upon a post on Google Public Policy Blog , posted a few days ago. The post is regarding ... see more »

Adding a simple image caption

BloggerSentral blogging tips
A dragonfly in my backyard Having trouble adding image capti... see more »

10 tips for improving Google search results

There are times, even on Google, when you just can’t find what you are searching for. The search results just doesn’t come out “right”, wha... see more »

A better way to add meta tags to Blogger

One way to improve your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to add in description and keywords meta tags. They are placed inside the he... see more »
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