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5 ways How to back up a Blogger blog

Backing up your blog contents is very very important. Why? Because your Blogger/blogspot blog can be running smoothly today and yet it also ... see more »

Removing stubborn animated gif header image

As you may know Blogger blog header image can be uploaded or removed via Header gadget in Page Elements. All good and dandy, until you want ... see more »

Followers gadget wrong display

BloggerSentral blogging tips
In Blogger Help Forum, a number of times I encountered questions regarding problems with Followers g... see more »

Free Blogger templates with glider/slider

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Here is a list of free beautiful feature-rich Blogger templates that come complete with a glider, sl... see more »

How to make a “Grab this” linkback button

Wondering how to make a “Link back to us” a.k.a “Grab this” button widget just like the live example below? Whereby readers would copy and p... see more »

How to show Twitter updates on Blogger

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Previous I explained how to tweet blog posts into Twitter in Adding a “Tweet this” button into blog ... see more »
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