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How to list recent post titles by label

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Do you want to list all or your most recent posts according to categories/labels? Well then, you’ve ... see more »

Popular (most commented) posts widget

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Show off your most popular posts and at the same time prevent them from being buried in the archive ... see more »

Add Google Buzz button (with counter) below post

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Google Buzz, yet another social networking service, has been launched in February. And yes, yet a... see more »

Submit site/blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

BloggerSentral blogging tips
If your blog has not yet been indexed by the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), th... see more »

Template Designer: How to change column width

BloggerSentral blogging tips
The new Blogger Template Designer  makes changing column widths a lot easier. In regular (non Templa... see more »

Blogger Sentral has migrated to custom domain

Blogger Sentral is now located at . Look inside your browser’s address bar for confirmation! Please update yo... see more »

Add Flickr photostream/slideshow widget to Blogger

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This tutorial will show you how to make a Flickr slideshow/photostream. It will use Blogger slidesho... see more »

Template Designer: How to use your own background image

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Update September 2010: The image upload function is now available in regular Blogger. Jump to the t... see more »
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