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How to add Google + Page badge to your blog

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Now that you’ve created a Google + page for your blog, grow your audience by adding a badge onto th... see more »

Adding widgets on both sides of Blogger header

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This tutorial is in response to requests from readers. Some readers asked how to add a widget on eac... see more »

SEO – It Doesn’t Have To Be a Dirty Word for Bloggers

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This is a guest post by Tom Mcloughlin. In many blogging circles, SEO has a dirty reputation. This... see more »

How to fix sudden drop in search traffic

What do you do if you notice a drastic drop in your blog’s rankings and traffic from Google? Below are steps you can take to diagnose the pr... see more »

5 great Ideas to Diversify Your Blog Content

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This is a guest post by Elena Vakhromova. Content is king and always will be, especially for blogg... see more »
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