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Add “Link to this post” codes below blogger posts

BloggerSentral blogging tips
One of the easiest ways to encourage readers to link back to your blog post is by providing “Link t... see more »

How To Customize Related Posts Plugin: nRelate for Blogger

BloggerSentral blogging tips
This is a guest post by Katrina Ramos. Related posts plugins give bloggers the tools they need to h... see more »

How to block irrelevant or unwanted Adsense ads

BloggerSentral blogging tips
One of the ways to improve your Adsense ad’s CTR (click-through rate) is by serving only relevant a... see more »

Adding image search results to Custom Search Engine

BloggerSentral blogging tips
Google Custom Search has added a new feature to Custom Search -image search results. If you post lot... see more »
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