Free Online Character Counter

This free character counter is useful for preparing your Twitter tweets, Facebook status, Pinterest description, and other snippets for similar social sharing sites that limit the length of posted text.

On SEO front, it can be used for optimizing your post title and meta description, making sure they contain your chosen keywords when appear in search results listing. If you blog on Blogger, use this tool to make sure important keywords are placed in the first 39 characters of your post title. In this way the keywords would also be included in the post's permalink.

To start, simply select a limiter, then type or paste the text into the text box. The number of characters entered and the remaining are displayed under the text box and updated live as you type. Green text box background color indicates the number of characters is still within set limit and it will turn red once you exceed the limit. You can clear your text by clicking on Reset button at anytime.

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1. Choose limit

Blogger automatic permalink (39)
Search result title (66)
Meta description (145)
Twitter (140)
Facebook (420)
Pinterest (500)

2. Type or paste your text below

Characters:   Remaining: