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How to change blogger favicon

First of all, what is favicon? Favicon is a little icon that precedes the URL in the address bar of your browser. Favicon is also display... see more »

Adding RSS feed button to your blog

When your visit a blog, you must have noticed those orange buttons on display, especially if they are big and shiny like the one on the lef... see more »

How to make great blog header

Yay! I did it. I changed the look of Blogger Sentral blog header. Now instead of boring, flat, amateurish looking title text, I’ve upgraded ... see more »

Getting to know the parts of a blogger blog

You’ve heard about the terms header, sidebar, footer, nav bar etc. but no sure what they mean? Okay I’ll try to explain. The terms refer to ... see more »

How to start a blog

The term "blog" comes from two words - web and log (web log). It is a journal where your thoughts and opinions are recorded, just ... see more »