Blogging on the go with BlackBerry

This is a guest post by Joe Pawlikowski.

Every blogger, at one point or another, will experience the sedentary blues. By its very nature blogging is a solitary, static act. Even in a group blog setting, when it comes time to write a post it's just you in front of your computer. After days, weeks, and months, the desire to get out of the house and work elsewhere can become tough to ignore. Seasoned bloggers know the best places to get a breath of fresh air: coffee shops and libraries. But what happens when those haunts get stale? What happens on a nice day when you want to stretch out at the park?

Of course, there is no WiFi network at your local park. There might not be any power outlets. That leaves blogging prospects pretty slim. You can write, sure, but you'll lack the internet as a research tool. There has to be a compromise right? The easiest way to write at the park is to tether your smartphone to your laptop. But nowadays carriers are charging extra for that feature. The solution, then? Write on your smartphone.

mobile bloggingThe BlackBerry has long been a writer's and telecommuter's lifeline. It provides an email platform that is second to none, and an organizational system, including calendar and task lists, that match any other smartphone platform. Kids these days might be buying iPhones and Android smartphones, but for the professional the BlackBerry is still the gold standard. Its most attractive feature, the physical keyboard, can help you get out of the house and into the park, all while keeping up with your blogging.

Recently Research In Motion released a whole new line of BlackBerry models -- models that, unlike their predecessors, do not disappoint. They're fast, powerful devices that can let you surf the internet, organize your life, track your email, and, yes, keep up your blog while on the go. The BlackBerry Montana, now known as the Bold 9930, might be the ideal device for all of this. It combines the best of the old BlackBerry -- the organization and the physical keyboard -- with the best in new technology: a touchscreen. The combination provides users with powerful tools that let them do work from wherever they may roam.

Unlike older BlackBerry models, the internet browser is actually usable on the Bold 9930. It loads pages quickly and lacks the lag issues that plagued earlier models. That makes it viable for quick research. Stuck on an idea? Search around and see what you can find, just as you would on your desktop or laptop at home. Need to check facts or find some missing information? It's all easy with the new, faster browser. In fact, that's one of the biggest upgrades in this model.

Apps, too, play a role in the BlackBerry's ability to keep you mobile. For WordPress users, there might be no app more important than WordPress for BlackBerry. In the app you can not only create new posts, but you can manage your blog just as you would from home. You can create posts, upload and add images, categorize and tag, and even schedule the post for later publishing. And when you're done with the post, you can go to your tasks lists and check it off.

(Editor’s remark: For Blogger platform, there is no app available at present. Users can use Blogger Mobile instead.)

The only issue users might have with writing on the BlackBerry is the keyboard. Yet after a short acclimation period, most users will find that thumb typing can still yield fast word per minute rates. In fact, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 has the most comfortable keyboard of any BlackBerry model to date, complete with large keys. It makes writing a post a snap -- unlike Android and iPhone, where you have to use a clunky touchscreen keyboard. The physical keyboard on the BlackBerry makes writing not only possible, but perhaps even enjoyable.

In the past few years the BlackBerry has gotten a reputation as inferior to Android and iPhone, but that's a general and inaccurate assessment. For professionals, especially blogging professionals, the BlackBerry still provides essential features. Bloggers using the WordPress platform will find everything they need right on the BlackBerry. Brainstorm, research, and then write from wherever. And you don't even need to lug along your laptop.

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Joe Pawlikowski is the editor of, a site that provides BlackBerry users with practical tips and information that help them better use their devices.

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pengatur September 26, 2011 at 5:33 AM    

thanks for you share info :)

Yin April 6, 2012 at 11:16 PM    

Yes, I totally agree. My Blackberry has allowed me to blog on the go- snapping photos and attaching articles with the post.

Mak Qlex May 28, 2012 at 11:36 PM    

I would love to start blogging with blackberry .. :)

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