Top Requested Features For Google Webmaster Tools in 2014

This is a guest post by Kelly Wilson.

The Google Webmaster Tools have become a valuable channel for search engine optimization and many of its users are anticipating for better and even more powerful features from the tool by 2014. Matt Cutts announced from his blog that he is willing to listen from webmasters, online marketers, bloggers and SEO fanatics for wild and great ideas about the features that they want to see from Google Webmaster Tools for 2014.

Google is indeed full of surprises and very good in delivering results in addressing the unique and individual needs of webmasters out there. Some of the features that they wanted to see from the service have already been implemented. Here are some more features people wish to be added to Google Webmaster Tools in 2014.

webmaster tools wish list

  1. Faster way of doing authorship markup

    Google Webmaster can provide the easiest way of claiming one’s authorship and build one’s authorship reputation.

  2. Ability to download web page content from Webmaster Tools

    This is in anticipation of the website owner to keep a copy of their website content directly from Webmaster Tools in case their website gets struck by a virus.

  3. Reporting spam and bugs

    Provide enhancements on running a spam check on a website and identifying errors and similar issues with comprehensive report.

  4. Evaluation of link impact to a website

    Some users want to receive a report regarding the good, the bad and suspicious links associated to a website with a direct button next to these links where one can instantly disavow them.

  5. Periodic tests for website efficiency

    Users of Google Webmaster Tools like to receive a periodic reports regarding the evaluation of a website’s efficiency in performance such as their download speed and mobile speed.

  6. Automatic report on broken links from a web page

    Broken links can hurt one’s Google site rankings and it will be a welcoming idea to have Google Webmaster Tools provides an alert or automatic report that broken links exist on a web page to help a webmaster correct the error immediately.

  7. Better and faster way of removing links

    A bulk URL removal feature will provide the user better efficiency in quickly removing several unwanted and undesirable links from web pages.

  8. Checklist that will help newbie optimize their online business

    It is often difficult for a newbie to embark in an aggressive optimization process to build their Google website ranking and providing them a checklist on the basics about optimizing their online business that is directly available from the tool will be very helpful.

  9. Tools for detecting duplicate content from a website

    Duplicate contents can significantly impact your website rank on search. A tool that can help detect duplicate content from a website will help website owners to identify them and remove them accordingly.

  10. Quicker pings to Google on content

    This will enable Google to know on which web page a content first appears. This will eradicate the syndication of content by others.

In conclusion, the users of Google Webmaster Tools are looking for more powerful and quick features that will help expedite the process of enhancing and optimizing their websites when using the tool. These features hopefully will make it easier for webmasters to ensure their sites are compliant with with Google's stringent requirements and its ever changing algorithm.

About the author
Kelly Wilson is a marketing and seo writer for SE Ranking website. She covers articles about marketing news, social media, seo news and analyzes keyword ranking in search engines.

7 comments to "Top Requested Features For Google Webmaster Tools in 2014"

Ujjwal Kumar Sen December 22, 2013 at 12:49 AM    

Very good blog post, it's a huge list of benefits from Google Webmasters Tool, but let add another important one, you can also change your Google Authorship.

Mc Dewey December 22, 2013 at 8:32 PM    

wow...the feature that will enable us to download blogs using our webmaster is the best :)

No doubt Google Webmaster's tools are very helpful and effective to tackle a website's bugs, errors and mistakes. You can easily know about your strategy that it is working correctly or not. To be honest i didn't use all these tools yet but there is no doubt that these tools are very helpful for all webmasters.

kamal singh December 24, 2013 at 3:15 PM    

Nice Post, Google Webmaster is Great tool for bloggers to maintain their blogs.But its contains very less features.may be Google may add fe new features in Google Webmaster.

Shameem December 25, 2013 at 2:52 PM    

Google webmaster tool is an great tool to keep eye on our blog for promotion and backlink strategy which can be easily track unwanted links to remove indeed of getting band

Masik December 25, 2013 at 3:09 PM    

I would like to see more detailed data about manual spam punishment and steps to retrieve from it. furthermore an notification for algorithmic penalty if any would be large to see in WMT. That way location owners can understand what is incorrect and how to rectify it.


Anonymous,  December 25, 2013 at 11:16 PM    

Great tips. Thanks kelly for sharing. Keep it up !

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