10 Wonderful Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger

People love blogs; you might ask how do I know for sure? Well, it’s not just me though who thinks so, Hosting Facts share this info:

Around 2.7 million blog posts get published every single day.

Here are some more interesting facts on blogging that I bet not many of you can claim to have known already, courtesy of active blogs:

  • In U.S. alone, a whopping 81% of all online consumers trust blogs for the information and advice they need.
  • Around 61% of online consumers in U.S. have bought something as recommended by a blog.

More comes on this from Social Marketing Writing:

  • Blogs get 80% new visits daily.
  • Blogs posting daily enjoy 5% more traffic compared to blogs posting once a week or less.
  • Lead generation increases by 4 times for blogs posting daily.
  • Blog traffic is increased by 53% for blogs having 51 posts, shoots up 3 times once the number of posts touches 100, and 200 posts reward a blog by 4.5 times high traffic.

The only question is how to keep up with producing quality content consistently. Sometimes, there are just too many distractions for you to stay focused on writing, or you don’t find some interesting topics to produce quality content about.

You better admit it; blogging takes a toll on every blogger sooner or later. So, any help is welcome under such circumstances, which compels me to come up with these 10 blogging tools to help you improve your blogging endeavors.

Oh, and one more thing, these might also help you land among 14% of the elite bloggers who actually earn a salary through their blogging endeavors, just as this infographic on B2C reveals.

So, here you go:

10 Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger

  1. WordPress

    Do you know?

    • WordPress is used by 59.2% of all websites having some content management system known to us on them, which makes about 26.3% of all websites present on internet.
    • It powers more than 74 million websites.

    Well, you know it now, thanks to this report by W3Techs and Manage WP, respectively.

    Want to know why? Here are some reasons:

    • It’s for free and easy to use.
    • Simple but powerful content editor.
    • You get a wide range of free as well as premium themes/templates to create a personalized and professional looking blog.
    • You can make your blog feature rich with the help of free and premium plugins, more importantly, without needing any coding or development expertise.
    • Supports 3rd party tools and applications.
    • Rich, thriving and supporting community to help deal with any issues you might face.
    • You can even import an existing blog built on some other platform to WordPress.
  2. BuzzSumo

    You have finalized your keywords, but haven’t been able to figure out some blog topics based on those, what to do next? Well, you can proceed ahead in a number of different ways, but for majority, one of the most convenient ways is to find already existing blog posts based on the same keywords as you have chosen.

    If doing so seems even more of a problem to you, BuzzSumo is what you need. It helps you find posts which feature your desired keywords and have been shared generously on social media.

    This also includes post shared by your competitors, which gives you an update on what’s going around with those keywords in the industry. All this helps you come up with the best possible content based on those keywords. For example, if you see people buzzing at “10 Ways Facebook Can Help You Boost Your Business”, you might go a step ahead and produce “20 Ways to Boost Your Business with Facebook”.

  3. Yoast SEO Plug-in

    Search engine optimization happens to be your ultimate savior if your blog doesn’t have a great traffic flow as yet, because it helps organic traffic route to your blog from people searching for relevant terms on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

    That’s why good ranking on search engines is so imperative to drive traffic to your blog. However, not everyone is good at SEO, especially someone with the likes of a newbie blogger.

    This is where Yoast SEO plugin comes handy for WordPress users. It is designed to take care of some of the most essential on-page and off-page SEO elements to help your blog rank up on search engines. The best part is that you don’t have to be much of a SEO-geek to keep up with your SEO efforts with this plugin.

  4. Quora

    Quora is considered to be the best online Q&A website right now. Any idea about how many people resort to Quora every month? Why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth, i.e. Quora’s founder Adam D’Angelo, as reported by Digital Trends.

    • Quora receives around 80 million unique visits each month
    • Half of the visitors come from U.S.

    So, why is it good for bloggers? Because it gives you tons of ideas on the latest topics as searched by millions of people across the globe; just go to Quora, search for questions people like the most and craft them into interesting pieces of content that can grab people’s attention.

  5. Google Trends

    You might want to gauge the popularity of your blog post idea, how trending a topic might be at a particular time. Instead of guessing about it, why not resort to Google Trends and check out search volumes for keywords and key phrases you are considering to write on.

  6. Mail Chimp

    Of course, Mail Chimp couldn’t help you in searching or writing your blog posts, but it’s one of the best (and free) emailing tools out there to reach out to people in your contact list, telling them about your latest post. People having less than 2,000 contacts in their lists are offered free accounts by MailChimp.

  7. Canva

    Admit it, most of the bloggers neither have time nor interest in designing when they embark their blogging journey. However, right kinds of images really fuel your blogging venture, which is why you should try out Canva. It makes playing with images fun rather than a dreadful chore. Simple drag-and-drop interface, wonderful fonts and custom image size support for all major social media channels makes it a sigh of relief for bloggers.

  8. Quable

    Want the best combo of old and new while writing your blog posts? Try Quabel, a seamless writing tool, which also serves you as a handy minimalist text editor online. One of the biggest perks it offers is that your work gets backed up instantly, since it is web based.

    In addition to helping you export your work as a text document, it also enables you to set writing goals – X amount of words in X amount of time. However, what I like the most about it is how it lets you write with the sounds of a typewriter amidst all its tech-rich features – pure nostalgia, pure joy to work around.

  9. Google Calendar

    Your odds of publishing quality content consistently are marred seriously if you don’t have a utility like a reliable editorial calendar to help you with what to publish and when to publish. Google Calendar tool can be your answer to all such concerns, making sure you are proceeding the right way, keeping track of what you have done and what needs to be done.

  10. Buffer

    A quick reminder, as much as you need an editorial calendar to manage when and what you want to post, you also need a mechanism to share your work even when you are not around. So, try Buffer and schedule where and what you want to share even in your absence, covering almost all social media channels. You can even schedule updates of your original posts with different headings or new images for every update.

Over to you now

Though this concludes my list of great tools that can help you get the best of your blogging experience, but there can be much more to it, for sure. That’s why I am handing it over to you now. Tell us in comment section below what’s worked best for you and what has disappointed you through your blogging ventures.

About the author Khawar Zaman is an ecommerce consultant who  loves development of ecommerce solutions, internet marketing and sales strategies. He is also cofounder of Technorian.com; a company specialized in WooCommerce and Magento solutions along with offering dedicated developers to startups.

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