6 SEO Tactics You Are Not Doing, But You Need to Adopt

It is common for your search results rank to stagnate at times. A constant search on a site like https://serpbook.com, at such a time, may indicate that you are not making a lot of progress in your SEO ranking. If you realize that you are on such a patch, you need not worry. The chances are that you are doing the main stuff right but that you may be missing a few tricks here and there. There are many simple things that you can do to boost your SEO rankings and overall performance. However, the sheer number of things that you can do means that you may easily get confused along the way. Therefore, you need a reference list of some of the actions that you can take to address stagnated SEO performance at any given time.

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Here are a few tactics that you are not doing but you need to adapt to improve your performance.

1. Using social media properly

You should note that the most important thing about this tactic is not merely using social media but rather employing the right approaches when leveraging social media networks. Almost every website owner understands the importance and necessity of creating social media pages and trying to get as many followers as possible. Also, it is common for website owners nowadays to include simple tools to facilitate sharing of the content that they publish on their sites. However, what is important to note is that not all web owners understand the importance of consistency and the need to use social media metrics strategically. Therefore, it is common for many site owners to only concentrate on piling content on their walls and asking users to visit their sites for more information. Sadly, this is an old and tired strategy. You can spice things up by changing the way you publish your content, running a few tests to understand your audience and then using new approaches to appeal to their different senses.

2. Using different content formats

If you are focused on using text-only content on your site, then it is time to rethink this strategy. Google says that many people now like to get information by just watching videos or listening to audio files. This observation means that you can make your site more engaging and entertain your visitors by including videos and audio files. Although the textual content is essential, you may easily complement it with video and audio-based content to make your site interesting. Moreover, doing this may attract more people on your site who are only interested in watching videos are their primary method of learning as well as those who love to use both forms of content.

3. Optimizing your content for voice search

Voice search is quickly becoming the rage nowadays, thanks to the ease with which many people easily speak to their devices and get the initial search results. You need to leverage this trend by identifying and using particular keywords and search terms that match the way people speak to their devices when they conduct initial organic searches. You can do this by using standard SEO tools to find out the keywords that people use and then incorporate them into your text cleverly.

4. Using influencers

Influencers are individuals who have the mass following on specific social media platforms. For example, Twitter influencers are bloggers who may have hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform. The importance of using influencers in your SEO campaign cannot be overemphasized. On the one hand, influencers can help to spread the word about your brand, thanks to their networks. On the other, using influencers can be a good strategy because it may enhance the level of engagement of your content, thanks to the controversial nature of some of the leading influencers.

5. Blogging

Many people underestimate the power of running a well-written and organized blog. Normally, you can use your blog to provide a lot of information to your visitors who cannot be published on your site. In fact, many content management systems like Wordpress and others ask users to decide whether they would like to incorporate a blog in their sites. Using a blog can help to attract traffic to your site over the course of time. Eventually, publishing content on your blog can be a unique way of enhancing your visibility and reach.

6. Giving away gifts

The best way of rewarding and gifting your readers is to send out emails with ticker timers. Such emails may contain information that you have offers running on your site for a specific time. The aim of using this approach is to attract people to your site as fast as possible so that you can boost the numbers. However, remember to use this approach sparingly, for doing so may smark of treachery.

In conclusion, you can use these and many other tactics to revitalize your SEO rank and improve your performance over the course of time. Interestingly, all these methods work because they address some of the biggest challenges that many sites face, including monotony of content and lack of enough traffic.

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Jean Jennings is the content manager of Serpbook. Serpbook is an online platform that gives you information about everything you need to monitor, automate and report on your keyword rankings. It also provides you with local and global SEO rank tracking in real time for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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