Three ways to do guest posts right

This is a guest post by Pamelia Brown.

One of the best ways to gain more traffic to your blog and spice up your blogging repertoire is by guest posting on other blogs. Recently, guest blogging has become a very popular means of attracting traffic and has shot many new bloggers into overnight success stories.

Guest blogging has several significant advantages including traffic gaining, link building, and reputation boosting. While guest posting can be very effective in helping both the guest blogger and the blog owner in their online publishing success, it is not always simple. There are several mistakes guest bloggers can make that will either keep them from being published or keep them from attracting the interest their writing should. Three ways to really do a guest post right and attract positive reviews from all is by knowing your audience, linking the right way, and following up.

The most important aspect of guest blogging (as with any blogging) is content. Guest bloggers must really evaluate the blog to which they are posting. Make sure that the piece that you write is relevant to that particular blog's interests and aims. By this I do not mean you should change your opinions. If you wish to present a post that counters something already posted on the blog, link to that post. Show that you have read that piece and explain that you are presenting a differing opinion on the same subject. If your post is irrelevant to the blog, it is unlikely that the blog owner is going to publish it.

Three Ways to Do Guest Posts Right The first step to determining what is relevant for a blog is identifying who the audience of the blog you're trying to target is. As with any form of writing, a writer must construct a voice, tone, and persona that is appropriate for that particular audience. Craft a post that caters towards the blog's audience and you will be one step closer to gaining readers at your own blog.

Another great way to get guest blogs published and make them relevant and attractive to both reader and blog owner is linking. By this I do not mean you should make plug over plug to your own blog. As a guest blogger you want to link to other posts in the blog you are writing for. This shows the blogger that you are familiar with their blog and that you value what they have already written. While this technique certainly takes more time and effort, it will make a lasting impression on the blogger you are writing for. Moreover, imbedding links to previous posts will help with the SEO of the blog and will give readers more to read and therefore more page views for the blog.

Another immensely important step to take as a guest blogger is monitoring comments on guest posts you have written. Many guest bloggers submit their posts to the blogger and then feel that their work is done. As a guest blogger, one of the best ways to attract readers to your own site is by talking to the people who have commented on your guest posts. By monitoring the comments left on the post and interacting with those who read it, you make the post more useful and you make people want to interact with you more. If a commenter is able to get to know you through the comment section on a guest post, they are likely to seek other posts you have done. Approachability is key.

In the end, the more successful your guest post is the better it is for all concerned. Take your time. Think about your audience. Follow up.

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