How LinkedIn Can Help Graduating and Working Students

This is a guest post by Rhian Gabrielle.

LinkedIn has gained so much popularity in the recent years because of its ease of use and benefits it gives. Many social media users think that this social networking site is only for employees and job applicants, but because of its vast reach, even students can gain a benefit or two from this site. Graduating students or those who want to get job while studying should be familiar with the benefits LinkedIn can deliver.

The following are some of the many benefits of LinkedIn to students:

  • It builds good reputation on the Internet

    First of all, LinkedIn is a social networking website, hence, it can serve as online profile of students. Students who want to build a good online reputation can use this social networking site to start. They can put on their achievements in school and work experience (if any) on their LinkedIn accounts. Once possible employers or even ordinary people look their names up on search engines, their LinkedIn accounts will presumably get on the first page of the search engine result pages. Moreover, students with LinkedIn accounts can request for recommendations from their peers or former or present employers, thus, further building their online reputation.

  • It can help students get job alerts

    LinkedIn has a unique feature that can give students email job alerts. Students can easily adjust the notification settings of their accounts for them to receive job alerts. This feature is very beneficial to students who want to land on a job in a more convenient and efficient manner.

  • It connects students with possible employers

    Students seeking job opportunities can consider LinkedIn as their go-to website. The possibilities are almost endless with LinkedIn as far as employment is concerned. Job-seeking students can easily access job opening advertisements and placement on LinkedIn, making it convenient for them to land on a job they want. Furthermore, they can access companies’ accounts to know if they have job openings.

  • It helps students conduct a research on companies

    Students can use their LinkedIn accounts to know the nature of the company that is trying to hire them. Almost all of companies with good standing in the country have their own LinkedIn accounts, and students can browse on the company they are aspiring to for. Students can know if the company has a bad reputation in treating its student-workers, providing insufficient salaries and benefits, and other related employment concerns.

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    It helps build a solid network

    LinkedIn users can easily create and maintain their own networks. Students can connect with their classmates, schoolmates, professors, and employers. Once they have created their own network of contacts, getting updates about the latest in the employment industry is much easier and faster.

  • It helps students find international on-the-job training

    Students who aspire having their OJT program abroad can do so by finding companies that offer international student training program on LinkedIn. There are certain companies outside the US that offer OJT programs to American students, and some of them maintain their own LinkedIn accounts. Students can maximize this social networking tool to land on a OJT opportunity that they would find beneficial in improving on their discipline or course. Students can find one by conducting a research using their LinkedIn accounts.

  • It can serve as an online portfolio or resume’

    LinkedIn profiles can be used as an online portfolio or curriculum vitae of students who want to be employed while studying or right after their graduation. Many employers are using their LinkedIn accounts to find possible applicants and employees. Once a company sees that a student’s resume’ is at par with their standards, chances are, it hiring department will contact that student for an interview and possible employment.

The popularity of LinkedIn and other social networking sites does not only affect a certain target market or audience, but it encompasses various age groups and even cultures. Student may also use other social networking mediums aside from LinkedIn, such as blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Students must know that it is a tough world outside their campuses, and using every means possible to get a decent and good-paying job should be prioritized; otherwise, they will become part of the thousands of unemployed Americans. Students who want to have a good start in the employment industry should consider utilizing and maximizing the benefits of social media channels like LinkedIn because at the end of the day, they are the ones who will benefit.

About the author
Rhian Gabrielle is a web content writer, blogger and search engine optimization specialist. She has written several articles and blog on topics such as online business, link building, social media and website improvement issues.

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We all know the benefits. However the user-friendliness seriously need to get a lift..

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