5 Best Practices for Your Mobile Website

This is a guest post by Ben Oren.

When you are a business owner, you need to establish a strong online presence, as the Internet is used for billions of people all over the world. Furthermore, establishing a strong and healthy online presence is not possible without a great official website. However, this website has to be optimized for mobile searches and mobile viewing, as the trend of using mobile devices to access the Internet is taking over the world. Therefore, we will here discuss some of the best practices for your mobile website.

Mobile Websites Should Be Simple and Content-Oriented

When it comes to mobile website, it is all about space and using the much smaller screen mobile devices have smartly and strategically. What this means is that your website needs to be clutter-free, feature as few images as it is possible, and also have concise and meaningful web content. Web content is very important in mobile websites, as mobile users usually do not view videos, images, or any other media except written content.

Keep in Mind Touchscreen Mobile Devices

touch screen There are a lot of things you can do wrong on your website in regard to mobile optimization, and one of them is failing to take into account the fact that mobile devices usually have touchscreens. Website navigation is completely different with a keyboard and mouse, and with touchscreen devices. For example, there is no hovering over a feature in mobile devices, so eliminate these features from your website. Another thing to think about is zooming in with mobile devices, as tapping and using fingers to zoom and select is completely different than using a mouse and keyboard to do this.

Scrolling and Left to Right Navigation of Your Website

Mobile users have to be able to navigate your website easily and practically, so eliminating as much scrolling as you can needs to be done. Mobile users usually like to scroll from the top to the bottom of the page, but scrolling from left to right and back again can never be as practical. Therefore, optimize your website for best performance on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as your visitors will never come back to your website if it is difficult to navigate for them. So, do not list your features horizontally, but rather make vertical lists.

Think about the Usability of Your Website

Again, mobile devices have much smaller screens than desktop devices, so using the available space strategically is very important. Your mobile website should be as simple as possible, and it should also be as practical as possible. This is done by using single columns for written content rather than multiple columns; use light colors for web design and feature a lot of white space to make reading more pleasant; eliminate as many ads and other distractions as you can.

Keep Your Posts and Pages Small

The reason why you need to keep your individual web pages, as well as your website as a whole, small is loading time. Loading time also depends on the number of high-quality graphics and videos you feature on your website, so keep these features at a minimum.

About the author
Ben Oren is the Head Marketing Consultant at Dynamic Search™ - a US based, reputable web marketing agency. Ben Oren is specializing in large corporations in a highly competitive niches mostly in the US and Europe. He is also the Director of Web Marketing at WhiteWeb technologies.

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exactaviation November 6, 2013 at 2:19 PM    

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jeet November 9, 2013 at 7:24 PM    

great article. But how i make my blog for mobile users comfortable(just like your blog) if they click on View web version ?

SeRanking November 25, 2013 at 10:36 PM    

Thanks for the article! Awesome tips! Creating a friendly-mobile website is today of great importance for many business organizations. I am a newbies in mobile development but it really works for my newly-launched site.

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