Top 10 Sources To Find Valuable Information On Email Marketing

Due to rapid technological growth across the globe, entrepreneurs are striving assiduously to integrate several strategies into their businesses in order to ensure its growth. This singular act has led to advancements in the field of digital marketing which facilitates business growth through several internet processes. One of such digital marketing strategies is email marketing.

Today, there are several firms offering services in email marketing. This has successfully made established, promising and prospective entrepreneurs confused in choosing the best email marketer for their businesses. It is also imperative to possess basic ideas on email marketing before choosing the right email marketer for your business.

Here, we will expose the top 10 sources to get valuable information on email marketing in no particular order. This is due to our aim of providing entrepreneurs, researchers and the general public with useful information on the service in order to facilitate business growth and the research process. Aside from providing useful information on email marketing, some of the sources mentioned here are renowned and reputable providers of email marketing services.

Before that, we will provide an overview of the concept of email marketing to satisfy the curiosity of readers and arouse their interest. Relax and enjoy!

An Overview of Email Marketing

  • Definition

    Email marketing can be best described as a strategy where emails are systematically used effectively for business marketing. It provides the avenue for the creation, customization and transmission of email messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. This strategy is effectively used by entrepreneurs for advertisements, effective customer interaction and proper information dissemination on latest offers and discounts.

  • Benefits

    Email marketing is widely considered as a vital investment for businesses. This is due to the several benefits that accompany it. They include the following:

    (A). It is relatively cheap to operate with a high return-on-investment potential.

    (B). It is an effective tool for customer monitoring and evaluation. This is because it has the ability of tracking customer responses to your campaign which aids the entrepreneur in proper decision making.

    (C). It is one of the most convenient marketing strategy due to its customizability.

    (D). It is easy to operate with fast response potential.

Best Sources of Email Marketing Information

  • Google


    We will begin our review with the world’s most popular search engine. Google needs no introduction as it is the most visited website in the world and a major controller of the cyberspace. It possesses information on topics peculiar to all disciplines of the world. All you have to do is to search on any keyword of your choice and wait for multiple search results with diverse links where you can source for adequate information peculiar to your keyword. Entrepreneurs can effectively use this tool for perfect information on email marketing.

  • Buffer


    Buffer is a blog for digital marketing freaks. It is a new blog that has successfully achieved fame in a short while of its existence due to the rich contents it possesses. Several fascinating information on email marketing are posted there on a daily basis providing users with info on latest trends in the sector.

    If you are in dire need of a place to sharpen your email marketing skills, endeavor to visit their website and you will be proud you did!

  • iContact


    One of the few email marketing service providers on our list, iContact possesses several features that contribute to making them one of the best email marketers on the globe.

    Interestingly, one of their selling points is their user-friendly approach. This strategy ensures that novices in the art of email marketing can optimally use their tool and begin their learning process from there. Their auto-pilot email list management strategy is enough to provide guide users through the rigorous exercise of managing emails and ensure that they learn the basics of the exercise overtime.

    Furthermore, you can seize the opportunity provided by their blog, how-to-guides, recorded and live webinars, informational pdf and downloadable beginners guide for obtaining perfect and latest information on email marketing.

  • Findxa


    Our second powerful search engine is undoubtedly one of the best up and coming sources for email marketing information on the globe. This powerful search engine is widely known for its high quality search results. The company manually selects the high quality websites to appear in search and sorts information by latest, trending, and most popular to give it's users the best use of it's valuable search results.

    Findxa is my most preferred search engine for email marketing information because unlike other search engines, its powerful filter ensures that you have access to the most popular articles on email marketing from the absolute best content writers on this subject.

    This is a search engine that delivers awesome search results based on the 80-20 business rule. This 80-20 business rule stipulates that only 20% of websites on the cyberspace produce 80% of its best contents. Therefore, Findxa strives to promote hard work and discourage plagiarism by displaying high quality original contents from these websites. By doing this, they try to expose the contents of those websites and promote their hard work. Explore their content for email marketing using the link below.

  • Econsultancy


    A powerful and dedicated blog in the field of digital marketing, Econsultancy is made up of editors and writers that are abreast with latest trends in the field of email marketing. Their research team is known to possess first-hand information of latest trends in email marketing.

    Entrepreneurs, researchers and the general public are advised to visit this blog  for information on latest email marketing trends especially in the European market.

  • Duct Tape Marketing

    Duct Tape Marketing

    Duct Tape Marketing is an email marketing blog with rich contents on digital marketing strategies. It is widely renowned for containing several guest contributions from experts in the field of email marketing.

    Entrepreneurs who desire to obtain first-hand information on the risks, benefits and challenges associated with email marketing are advised to visit the blog for first-hand information from successful entrepreneurs. You are also bound to learn about various tricks you can add to your email campaign through their regular posts in order to attain greater heights in your business.

    John Jantsch, owner of Duct Tape Marketing is also known for providing email marketing tips for similar blog owners.

  • GoDaddy


    GoDaddy is widely known for the provision of online services. It is however interesting to know that this website can also be used as a useful tool by entrepreneurs for obtaining latest information on email marketing.

    Entrepreneurs can utilize their user-friendly interface to effectively gain control of latest trends in email marketing. This is because their email marketing service is loaded with latest features that are capable of educating a business-owner on the rudiments and strategies in the email marketing industry.

    Aside from being a household name for domain marketing, GoDaddy has shown several innovative trends in the field of email marketing. These trends can serve as educative tool for entrepreneurs who desire to use email marketing for developing their businesses.

  • Copyblogger


    Copyblogger is one of the foremost specialists in the field of email marketing. They are reputed and renowned for nurturing several digital marketing bloggers to stardom. They remain one of the best sources to obtain information on vital tricks in email marketing. This is due to their success and vast experience in the field. 

  • Convince and Convert

    Convince and Convert

    This young digital marketing blog has attained huge success within its short period of existence. Most webmasters believe that the content of your website determines the traffic it generates. This theory can easily be applied to the success story of this blog. Their eight weekly posts contain rich information for learners, entrepreneurs and the general public in email marketing and other aspects of digital marketing.

    Aside from that, Convince and Convert also ensure adequate and all-round information by providing newsletters to ensure an effective learning process.

  • Contently Content Strategist

    Contently Content Strategist

    Ending this review is a blog that possesses a strict business name. Contently Content Strategist is a digital marketing blog with several informative posts on email marketing. They are widely respected in the digital marketing field because most of their daily posts contain interesting information on email marketing that appears strange to similar bloggers.

    They conduct thorough research before posting on their blog which ensures that they provide useful information on email marketing and other digital marketing strategies. It is also interesting to know that most of their posts are re-written by several bloggers with due permission from them. 

In our current society where dynamism and variety is a sine-qua-non, there are several other sources for valuable information on email marketing. However, it is imperative to know that the sources contained on this post are tested and trusted with a consistent level of excellence. Good luck as you explore the world of email marketing for the growth of your business, research and intellectual ability.

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