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Nothing but a small startup investing most dollars in digital marketing tools and strategies is the epitome of how vital it is to spread this digital panorama further to ultimately compete with top business insiders in present time. The new businesses can only gain recognition if they turn up successfully to user's laptop screens and smartphones.

Honestly, e-commerce has made marketing a lot more fun for business groups, sales and marketing teams at various organizations. What can be more amazing than knowing who is interested in your business and who visited your website how many times and stayed for how long? The statistics are crystal clear, which let marketers proceed in the right direction and invest in result-oriented resources and services, generating better ROI.

However, this digital business has led to rigorous action among all kinds of and categories of enterprises. Everyone is adopting the latest tools released in the market and investing immeasurably in upgrading their skills and strategies. Then how do you stand out from the rest?

This is the biggest question we need to speculate, research and find at least one such natural approach that can be implemented quickly. In this article, we have tried compiling some innovative tactics, digital marketers can use to shift from their cliché traditions and change the rules of digital marketing. It's time to commence Digital Marketing Training, including SEO to Social Media to Content Marketing.

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Promote your business through Podcasts

If you are not listening to podcasts, do not undervalue them as the data reveals that around 46 Million of Americans listens to Podcasts every month, as stated by Edison. The average user listens to six podcasts per week. You can initiate your podcast series on the most in-demand and best-in-class products and services you offer, brainstorming with some relevant facts and information and defining various use cases. Release them on YouTube or any powerful TV channel to capture larger audiences and gain consumers.

Native Advertising is Difficult to Recognize

Make use of the fact that more than 50% of the audience are barely aware of native advertising. Many of you may also not be knowing what the terms means and how is it implemented. These ads look like they belong to the editorial and look and read like non-promotional content. It is even hard to recognize by ad blockers and thus, you can publicize your products without worrying about the advertisement blocking nightmare.

You could seriously pull more traffic by distributing your content through choice-based advertising on various famous blogging websites, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, mailers, Forum discussions, Quora QAs. Click through rates often see a high jump with professional native advertising.

From Mobile to Wearables

M-commerce is already a buzzword as shopping and gaming and informative apps have reached to your mobile phones. Needless to mention, our smartphone is the most trustworthy companion to entertain us on our busy professional days and hang out with us on our lone nights. While smartphone technology is evolving at a faster pace, individuals are gravitating towards smartwatches and tech-savvy wearables. Now you can control your cell phone operations using your smartwatch and thus, marketers must not waste a minute to move their applications to people's wrists. Involve your enterprise and the sale steam more into the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting technology with sales.

Embrace Video Content

Think of our childhood days when we cherished reading and learning with colorful images and videos on the television. Words are best understood when combined with pictures, graphs and videos. Infographics, graphical reports, and content-based videos will take you ahead in the race. All these verticals link your business to digital media and give you more audiences, long-lived consumers and higher conversions.

Integrate traditional advertising with Social Media

An established truth is- Laptop and mobiles have scaled down people's interest in Television. However, the commercials have been an intriguing means to generate awareness among large audiences and influence them so much so that they can relate it to their real life.

Traditional advertising can be ingeniously integrated with modern social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, engaging audiences into creative advertisements of your products and services. There is a good scope to incorporate tactical social media elements like hashtags, contests, campaigns, 'vote to select a winner' and many others give you strategic and persuasive ways to increase the number of likes, comments and shares on your advertisement posts.

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