How To Perform Keyword Research To Improve Your SEO

The term "keyword research" refers to the search engine optimization (SEO) practice of finding and researching actual search terms that internet users may most likely enter into their search engines with the aim of achieving higher rankings for their web pages.

The object and intent of the discussions that follow aim at guiding you the prospective researcher on how to perform keyword research to improve your SEO.

Identify the Landing Pages

The landing page is the section of the website that is accessed by clicking a hyperlink on that is located on a foreign web page. The website's home page or some other pages of interest within the site are usually their respective landing pages.

Carry Out Rough Keyword Research

This entails the brainstorming i.e. coming up with a short list of all the individual keywords for each respective page by use of common sense. The person carrying out the keyword research has to simply imagine what a customer would naturally look out for in the landing page and then generate a list of keywords that may be pertinent to his needs.

Ascertain the Popularity of the Keyword

The popularity of the keywords chosen above is then to be tested to ensure that they are in the position to meet the expectations of the customers and achieve higher SEO rankings. This is to be accomplished by simply copying and pasting those particular keywords into the Google Keyword Toolkit (GKT), which is by far the most superior of all the tool of its kind.

The Google Keyword Toolkit estimates the average number of searches for all the keywords from the first list and aids in finding out additional keywords. The toolkit identifies low volume keywords which should be expunged from the list and may also suggest its own keywords which are to be added to the existing list.

how to perform keyword research

Conduct Competitive Analysis

In this stage, the existing list is expanded by other good keywords and the most competitive ones removed. The stage basically entails the identification of strong sites and direct competitors; evaluation of competition for the specific keywords and the discarding of the most competitive ones; and the identification of the good keywords that have not yet been included in the keyword list.

Finalize the List

The up-to-date list is once again checked with the Google Keyword Toolkit (GKT). Those keywords that generate low search volume are to be discarded after which the remaining ones are to be checked and the levels of competition also noted using the SEOQuake. This software scans and evaluates the quantity of the keywords to allow for the selection of the most appropriate final keywords.

Final Verdict

The process of carrying out a keyword research, as may be deduced from the discussion above, is very intricate to the ordinary internet user so much so that the tips on how to perform keyword research to improve your SEO as discussed above may not offer much value to such persons. The intervention of a reputable information technology expert or organization is therefore strongly recommended if the best results are to be realized.

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