Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

It just doesn’t get much better than Google Chrome. The most popular web browser in the world, Chrome’s sleek and straightforward design makes it the number one choice of bloggers and others who spend the majority of their time online.

Other highlights of Google Chrome include its superior tab management system and quick install time. Yet what truly sets it apart from its competition is the vast number of compatible browser extensions.

There are literally hundreds of different extensions and apps available. Use these to customize and improve the Chrome browsing experience.

But which extensions are the best? The sheer number available can make finding the best ones difficult. We did some of the legwork by narrowing down the top 15 Google Chrome extensions for bloggers.

If you make your living by writing blog posts, checking out these top-notch browser extensions is a must!

  1. Grammarly

    Grammarly is by far one of the best extensions for Chrome. The spelling and grammar app ensures you don’t make typos or grammatical errors. Best of all, it’s compatible with most online writing platforms including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  2. Block Site

    Anyone that uses the Internet to make a living knows just how easy it is to waste valuable time surfing the web. Enter Block Site. The Chrome extension allows you to block certain websites that you know take up your time and eat into your productivity.

  3. Pocket

    Pocket is a nifty little app that helps you save online content for later. It’s the winner of the 2015 Webby “Best Productivity App” award so you know it’s good. What we like most is that you don’t need an Internet connection to view saved content.

  4. Google Docs to WordPress

    Perhaps the only thing we dislike about Google Docs is the lack of a built-in function that transfers content to your WordPress website. The Google Docs to WordPress extension fixes that. It allows you to transfer everything from Google Docs to WordPress with just one click.

  5. Gmail Offline

    Few things are worse than trying to get work done without an Internet connection. Gmail Offline attempts to make the situation less painful. The extension allows you to read and respond to emails without an Internet connection. Each time your device does connect to the Internet, your emails are updated and synchronized.

  6. Google Dictionary

    Come across a word that you don’t know? With Google Dictionary all that it takes to look up the definition is two clicks. Double click on the word you’re confused by and the definition automatically appears in an in-page pop-up.

  7. Google Publisher Toolbar

    Google Publisher Toolbar makes viewing publishing data easy. The extension gives you an easy inside look at AdSense, Ad Exchange, DoubleClick and more. A single interface is used to make viewing this information even more effective and convenient.

    top chrome extensions for bloggers

  8. Google Keep

    Just as its name implies, Google Keep helps you keep track of your thoughts. The Chrome extension allows you to seamlessly save notes, lists, photos, and so much more. A variety of tools are available to keep your thoughts better organized. Like most Google apps, Keep is compatible on all your devices.

  9. MozBar

    MozBar is one of the best tools for bloggers concerned with SEO. Created by the brilliant minds over at Moz, the Chrome extension gives you immediate access to data like page authority, domain authority, and links on any website. All of the information is provided in-page for even easier consumption.

  10. Alexa Traffic Rank

    Alexa Traffic Rank is similar to MozBar. The extension lets you see how popular any website in the world is. Another neat feature is one that shows you what the website looked like in the past.

  11. Open SEO Stats

    Open SEO Stats (formerly PageRank Stats) takes the best aspects of MozBar, Alexa Traffic Rank, and other tools and combines them into one. It’s overall convenience and effectiveness makes it the most popular Google Chrome SEO extension. Important data it provides about websites you visit include backlinks, indexed pages, page speed, link stats, and so much more.

  12. LastPass

    One of the simplest pieces of online security advice is to never use the same password for all your different accounts. Unfortunately, remembering dozens of passwords isn’t an easy thing to do. LastPass helps solve this problem with a unique platform designed to encrypt and store your passwords. It automatically enters them when you visit each website on a registered device.

  13. Readability

    Despite containing quality information, some webpages are simply bogged down by poor design. The Readability extension crawls these pages, takes out unnecessary clutter, and then spits out a more readable version. Sidebars, popups, and social share buttons are the first to go.

  14. Writer

    Bloggers are constantly looking for ways to increase their productivity. The Writer browser extension helps you do just that with its simplistic writing platform. The online text editor is as minimalist as it comes. The lack of features makes it easier to get the words down without the temptation to fiddle around with settings.

  15. Bitly

    Sharing links online is made easy with Bitly. The incredibly useful app shortens URLs to just a few characters. Those that use Twitter and similar websites know just how important this is to keep marketing messages short and concise.

These 15 Google Chrome extensions are the best of the best as far as we’re concerned. Yet they’re far from the only extensions available.

There are dozens more of great quality waiting to be discovered. The key is to find those that benefit you personally as a blogger and web user.

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