How To Build A Productive Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a visually-focused search engine and social media platform with over more than 300 million active monthly users. Pinterest has a concept of Pinboards for visuals and has evolved as one of the most influential image-based share, shopping applications, and websites. It allows users to discover, collect, and share images based on their interest that makes Pinterest uses on a personal level and promotion of business.

A Pinterest business account should be an essential part of Business to Business or Business to Customer social media strategy. This article will show you how to promote Pinterest as a business-specific account and strategies that help your business find success. Let’s discuss Pinterest for business basics, including:

  • Important terms to know about Pinterest for business

  • How to optimize your Pinterest Business account

  • Target the right Pinners with ads

  • Pinterest as a shopping platform

  • How to boost your business presence

  • Measure your analytics

Build a Productive Pinterest Account A complete Marketers Guide

Important Terms To Know About Pinterest For Business

Like every social media platform, Pinterest has its important metrics to build brand awareness. Pinterest consists of Pins and Boards.

Pinner - A branded term for a person who uses Pinterest.

Pins - Pins are primary posts published on Pinterest. It can be of any format such as image, video, text, and can link back to the source.

Promoted Pins - These are regular Pins that marketers have paid to promote.

Rich Pins - Rich Pins provide more information such as install buttons, price details. It consists of four formats: Product Pins, Article Pins, Recipe Pins, and Application Pins.

Shop the Look Pins - Add product tags and makes it easier for the audience to shop by tapping on the Pin.

Boards - Boards are used to group Pins in specific themes or topics. For example, businesses can create a board for the product launch. More than one person can add content in Group Boards.

Secret Boards - The creator and invited collaborator can only see these boards. It comes with a lock symbol beside the board name.

Pinterest Account Optimization

  1. Create And Verify Your Business Profile

    To leverage Pinterest as a Business account, the first step is to create a corporate profile and verify your website. Pinterest adds a check sign icon that shows your account is officially confirmed to your site. Research and add keywords in the about section to boost search traffic.

  2. Add Pinterest Button To Your Website

    Add the ‘Pin It’ button to the website’s product or catalog pages that lend themselves for image sharing. The follow button also helps visitors to track your Pinterest Boards. The Pin It button encourages your audience to share your product images with their followers, which drive more traffic to your website.

  3. Create Quality Content

    A picture is more worth than a thousand words. Include branded images with themes and filters to represent your brand that helps viewers to recognize your brand easily. Create compelling content to target the right audience and potential customers. Design creative Pins to attract the audience and encourage them to follow your brand.

  4. Run Pinterest Contests

    Increase your Pinterest following through Pinterest Contests. Offer a give away to those who Repin your images or videos and gain additional exposure through the Pinterest community.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is more than a social platform where users primarily connect, share content, and more like a search engine. Pinterest Ads look like Promoted Pins that are sponsored by marketers. Product Pins are more accessible for the audience to discover and buy the product or services.

To reach the target audience, input the interests and keywords associated with your brand. There are two types of ad formats: Promoted App Pins and Promoted Videos.

  • Set a certain amount for advertising, depending on your budget.
  • Choose the desired objective for your business: Brand awareness, Video views, Traffic, Application install, Conversions, or Shopping.
  • Create a target audience and also use the combination of basic targetings like location, language, gender with interest, and keyword targeting.
  • Track your ad results such as Effective CTR (Click-through rate), impressions, saves, clicks, total ad spend, and average CPC.

Boost Your Business Presence On Pinterest

  1. Pin Consistently

    Pin consistently and help people discover your Pins and increase the followers count on Pinterest. Plan your posting schedule to Pin 5-10 times a day and grow your Pinterest presence. Schedule your Pins at different times in a day throughout the day and attract new local and global audiences.

  2. Learn From Competitors

    Access and analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses on Pinterest to identify their current and potential development. Identify target keywords and strategies on others in your niche or industry to get insights that are working so that you can adapt and improve them to gain an edge.

    • Rank for a specific keyword through keyword competition analysis

    • Find customer comments on competitors’ profiles to improve your products.

    • Identify new content strategy which gains more engagements.

  3. Build Influencer Relationships

    Pinterest is a robust platform that enhances your digital presence. Pinterest relies heavily on micro-influencers with a solid reputation for pinning relevant and engaging content about a particular niche. If you are looking for influencers on Pinterest, you need to recognize the different nature of Pinterest platforms. If an influencer promotes a product, then his fans will most likely purchase the brand.

    • Focus on people who are skillful at amplifying Pins through Pinterest.

    • Focus less on the Influencer and more about their content.

    • Send Product details to Influencers and let them create content.

Measure Your Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps you to understand the overall business presence on Pinterest. Click Analytics on the top left corner of your business profile and select Overview. You can filter your performance by date, content type, device, and source.

It shows what content resonates with your business account, and you can use the data to customize your content and improve performance. These insights allow you to understand what your viewers want and what content engages most. Identify and practice each strategy to grow your business and measure your performance to identify what works best and what needs to improve.

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