15 Things You Can Do To Encourage Readers To Return

This is a guest post by Dean Wood.

engage blog readersGetting a single visitor on to your blog is the result of a number of marketing endeavors. Imagine getting your visitor on to your blog only to never see that person again. What exactly do you do to retain your visitor’s interest long enough to make a positive impression? Enough to make that visitor want to return again?


1. Update Your Blog Regularly

This will help increase your blog rankings and give your visitors a reason to come back to your blog. Don’t allow your blog to be dormant for more than a couple of days without giving some incentive to the search engines.

2. Offer Valuable Content

Research what kind of content your target audience will find helpful and valuable. Offer it freely; don’t hold back. Provide industry-related tips, how-tos, breaking industry news and so on to keep your visitors engaged. Make sure your content’s quality is high –readers can discern original, high-quality content from half-hearted, duplicated efforts.

3. Work On Your Subject Matter

Above all, keep honing your subject matter expertise; this is what your visitors are really after. The more of an authority you are in your space, the more respect you’ll garner from your visitors, along with their loyalty and dedication over time.

4. Entice Visitors With Additional Information

While posting an article, look for articles, research aspects or value-add information related to what you’re posting. Provide links to such sources, with a line explaining the value of each. Let visitors see you’re not just an SME but also a generous, thoughtful and resourceful person. Who knows, you may get some mileage out of it.

5. Entice Visitors To Subscribe

Offer free eBooks, premium content, video tutorials, special offers and discounts to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter. You can consider creating a ‘subscribers only’ page, where you can offer premium content, special contests and so on and use that as your enticement.

6. Reduce Visitor Frustration

Make sure your blog loads quickly and easily on the least internet bandwidths. Check your blog for broken links, bad navigation, and other usability aspects now and then.

7. Allow Easy Content Sharing

Make sure you add all the relevant social media Share buttons at the end of your posts. Throw in a ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ email link as well, just in case your visitor doesn’t favor social media. Put up your RSS feed button prominently on all main pages to enable visitors to get live updates.

8. Make Your Blog Look Friendly

Use an attractive, friendly and easy-on-the-eyes theme. Opt for a reader-friendly color scheme, fonts, and font-size and so on. Keep ads to a minimum – especially the ones that keep flashing till you click them. Design an easy-to-remember, beautiful logo so that they recognize it anywhere. Keep the look and feel consistent on all pages.

9. Answer Questions Promptly

It’s very important to be prompt in this area, especially while you’re still building repeat traffic. Include a ‘Contact Us’ link in your navigation bar so that people can quickly email you or ping you on social media with their questions.

10. Create An FAQ Page

This page should answer most common concerns and questions pertaining to your products, business policies and so on. Provide a search feature in the FAQ page so that people can look up questions using keywords. Watch out for the keywords they use and keep updating your answer list.

11. Ask For Feedback

Set up an interactive, periodical feedback survey contest on your blog. Allow readers to contribute, discuss among themselves and generally have a good time. Invite people on your email list and don’t forget to offer something interesting as a reward.

12. Don’t Spam Your Visitor

Keep your newsletter fresh, interesting, respectful. Try to always to provide value along with your updates. Don’t use it to spam your visitors. Remember, customer acquisition costs much more than retention, so hang on to the ones you have.

13. Stimulate Your Readers

Ask questions at the end of every post – get reader’s opinion, try to spark a controversy. This will ensure that even after finishing your post, the reader stays on your page for a while, pondering your question.

14. Set Up A Chat Forum

Chat forums are a great way to get your readers involved. You’ll have moderate a few comments, you know you cannot ignore Google’s policies – but still, your audience will love the chance to express themselves freely and really get involved with your blog. It helps build a sense of community and loyalty among readers.

15. Ask Readers To Contribute Content

Who doesn’t like their two minutes of publicity? Get your readers to contribute their thoughts, ideas, opinions, testimonials and reviews of your products, in their own words. They can include images, videos or podcasts. Offer to be the editor to those that are not confident of their writing skills. Readers will spread the word about ‘their content’ and do your blog’s marketing for you!

In these times when there are thousands of bloggers trying to cover same topic, it becomes very important to encourage your readers to come again to your blog. Do you own or manage a blog? If yes, please share the things you do to encourage your readers to return with us in comments below.

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Dean from conversion optimization company Invesp. Invesp helps business in improving their marketing campaigns by offering services like landing page optimization, full website optimization, conversion funnel optimization and lot more.

12 comments to "15 Things You Can Do To Encourage Readers To Return"

Anthony April 16, 2012 at 6:11 AM    

whao! this is interesting, I'm sure if one practice all these 15 steps, the reader of your blog will surely come back to the blog. most especially the No 13, that said stimulate your readers by asking question and try to spark a controversy. Once readers try to answer question by expressing themselves, they will want to come back to see what are the other people's opinion concerning the subject matter, they may even have passion for that particular topic and will want to convince other reader.
From now on I'm going to put this into all my post so that readers can come back.
Thanks a lot for the post.

Greenlava April 16, 2012 at 10:53 AM    

You're welcome, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Connie April 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM    

This is a very good and very interesting article. I definitely agree with it. I've had some of the blogs I'm interested in—lifestyle, design, etc.—take up to several minutes to load and once in a while up to 8 minutes to load because of all the ads, music, blinkies (ugh). It also helps to make sure your photos are "pixel-heavy" so they'll load faster. Thanks!

Website Solution April 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM    

Can U Tell Me More ABou Faq Page ???

branded items April 21, 2012 at 2:51 PM    

updating your blog more often is one simple way to attract and trigger your visitor to visit again your site. Since you keep constant updates of your blog from time to time. They would also check and revisit your site to check current and latest post.

Jasmine April 24, 2012 at 12:05 PM    

These are really great tips to get readers back to our website again and again. Although these 15 tips might take some time to implement, but I am sure the result will be well worth it!

Thanks for this great piece, Dean Wood.

AnneM April 25, 2012 at 10:30 AM    

Wow,all that you have posted here is so true. These ways are great to acquire more reader's attention. In these ways, you can drive more traffic to your website. Thus, you can also generate more income.

SEO Islamabad April 25, 2012 at 8:19 PM    

Yes blog creation is not a matter the matter is that the blog content should be relevant and according to the latest updates related to specific blog category .

Deborah Rowan May 3, 2012 at 2:04 PM    

Redears are very important for a blogger, and these tips are a big help to encourage them to visit the site.

pasindu@techblogtricks May 7, 2012 at 2:59 PM    

Great tips.If we can get revisits from most of our readers.It is easy to get a more page views.This is very useful for me.Thank you

Unknown May 29, 2012 at 1:47 PM    

Thanks for this. I really enjoyed this post. I've done a lot of blogging research, but I really enjoyed the way you proposed each of your ideas on this subject.


Boingky May 30, 2012 at 8:46 AM    

Very useful information. I like it all.

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