Blog Post Planning: What makes it vital to ensure a smooth run?

This is a guest post by Alyssa Clarke.

The content quality of your blog plays a deciding role in its popularity. Building a loyal reader base for your site requires meticulous planning and implementation at your end. This is because it is the content that brings the readers back to your blog. Informative and easy to understand content is likely to attract more readers than a verbose and complex piece. Remember, the ultimate goal of a post is to enable people to get the message easily. This can only come about if you plan your post before writing it. Picking up a topic and loading it with information does not help. To reach out to your readers, you will need to think from their perspective. Here is how you can achieve this.

Blog category

What your blog would be catering to? It is one of the most important aspects, which needs to be given proper attention before going for blog writing. Whether it would be a general blog or you will go niche with specific domain. Technology, gadgets, science, health, business, product review are some of the niche domains which you should think before starting a blog. The content produced would be related to the domain you are targeting to.

Things to learn while blogging

When you have a clear thought of your domain and target audience, you need to learn few basic things to mark your presence on the web. Always remember that you are not the only runner, there are a number of blogs offering same content and are already popular among the readers. Time management is crucial. It would define the existence of your blog. Posting quality content with subject relevance on regular intervals would lead you to attract new readers. Further, you need to pursue search engine optimization techniques, acquire internet marketing strategies and building a strong presence on various social media platforms will help in gaining the attention of audiences in short time span.

Structure the content well

Use lists to present the content in an easy to understand manner. Web based content is meant to be such that skimming through it is easy. People do not spend more than a few minutes on a web page. Make sure that the page comes across as a useful means of information. Segregate information through the use of sub-headings.

Use simple language

People looking for information on the internet wish to assimilate information in a short period of time through quick reading. Use short sentences and language as per your target audience. As blog posts are meant to reach out to a wider audience, be simple and concise. Put emphasis on understandability but not verbosity. It is not about using a difficult set of words but about conveying a message with ease.

Be informative

Do not fill pages for the sake of it without providing any information to the reader. Prepare to pack in as much useful information as you can without making the article difficult to comprehend. Try to build content relating to solutions to certain issues or on how to complete certain tasks relating to your domain. Such content is searched by a large number of people as it quickly answers questions relating to specific issues.

Avoid jargon

Even in case of domain specific content, avoid industry jargon unless needed. This lets your post attract a wider set of audience. Give a simple meaning of the terms alongside while using terms that cannot be left out.


Stick to the premise of the blog post

Do not digress from the topic. Give details on the topic you have taken up. Resist the temptation to delve deep on a single subtopic. Deal with subtopics in detail through separate blog posts. Planning comes before implementation. Bring this aspect to your blog post writing to make your work more organized.

Structured format and content clarity will ensure a large number of hits even for the old posts on your blog through organic search results. If the content is useful, recommendations on social media are also easy to come by. The aim of a blog post is not to satisfy the mere goal of writing and posting regularly. It is meant to give something to readers to ponder over. This can only come about through a planned approach.

About the author
Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She enjoys reading a lot and is currently hunting for the best e readers in the market to choose from. She is a car lover too and her dream machine is the BMW Gran Turismo.

4 comments to "Blog Post Planning: What makes it vital to ensure a smooth run?"

bhojpurigaane April 26, 2012 at 10:39 PM    

ohh yeah i am agree that every blogger must have some plan in advance to write about...

Yukzanaly Greenowl April 27, 2012 at 1:24 PM    

very well.

branded items April 30, 2012 at 6:36 PM    

planning your post is one of those basic things you need to do. If you plan your post you will have time to research and gather important information's. And gathering facts could lead to a great content which is very informative.

personalised items May 1, 2012 at 6:00 PM    

In addition, make your post simple and short. Example when taking about computer problems, I think you don't need to give an example of the problem because they wouldn't be on your site if they doesn't have a problem.

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