Ways to Increase your Organic and Social Media Visitors

This is a guest post by Joseph Gojo Cruz.

Website traffic is the best way to know how a website is performing on the internet. We could partially measure the success of a website through the average amount of visitors that your website is receiving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is also the best way to figure out if your marketing strategy is effective and giving your website the best results.

We all know that to increase our organic visitors, we should frequently conduct different off-page and on-page techniques for our website to help search engine index our pages that will drive traffic. We should focus on the following on page optimization to properly help our website stand out in SERP.

  • Title Optimization – This will help your pages get their own brand to easily identify by search engines if what specific page on your website is about.
  • Keyword placement – This will help your pages to easily get discovered by search engines; by placing your keyword in your content naturally with limits, search engines will figure out if what specific content your website has is about.
  • URL rewriting – Rewriting your URL is the best way to tell search engines what your specific page on your website is focusing on. For instance, if a page on your website is focusing on computer accessories, its URL should be domain.com/computer-accessories.
  • Internal Linking – To increase your user engagement to your website by providing them related information on your page, link relevant articles/pages in to your content for more in depth details.

To easily understand what the four strategies mentioned above, a photo of a sample SERP is attached on this post. Pay attention on the boxes in the image. Each box has "Ninja Saga Cheats" in title, URL, and body of the content.

on page optimization

Remember that if your website doesn’t appear in the first page of SERPs, the chances that your organic visitors will increase is definitely diminutive. However, if you conduct a strategy to help a website receive juice from different domains, you can definitely stand out in your competitors and the possibilities that your website will appear in first page will get higher. You should focus on non-traditional strategies to help your website gain its authority online by doing:

  • Guest posting on related niche
  • Local citation
  • Content driven marketing

By using the three mentioned strategies above about acquiring high quality links from highly reputed websites, you will definitely increase your SERP position and increase your organic visitors.

Another way that we should pay attention to gain more visitors is traffic from social media websites. Internet marketers and SEOs are aware that social media promotions can definitely help a website to become popular and get known by many people within your targeted niche. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are very common and popular for many people all over the world so no business is able to miss the opportunities that they can provide.

Traffic from social media websites usually takes time to fully develop and not everyone will be interested to go and visit your website just because you are all connected on social media. But there are some few ways that you must apply in your SMM (social media marketing) to boost the traffic coming to your website.

Here’s how:

  • Find your target visitors
  • Engage in the community
  • Provide information within your network

Find your Target Visitors

One of the easiest ways to increase your referral visitors is to find the people who are in the same niche as you. It is advisable to look for people with the same interest and knowledge to continuously share relevant information within your niche. You can find your target audience easily by using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google search and filter the search results by using your industry name, groups, organizations etc.

Engage in the community

To get the attention and trust of your target readers, participate in the discussions being made by everyone on your pages. It is better to actively communicate and share your knowledge within your network to get noticed by the influencers in your group. It takes time to have returning visitors coming from social media websites but once you’ve built your trust and foundation, your website will benefit in the long run.

Provide information within your network

To gain reputation from the people in your network, you should always give them something that they need. Smart people always look for new ideas and strategies that can help them develop themselves or their business marketing strategy. By giving them new information, you will certainly build a strong connection to the right and active people in your network and in the long run, these people will keep on coming back to your website whenever you post something that interests them.

Having sufficient and enough number of organic and referral visitors will decide how your website is performing in terms of popularity and trustworthiness in your industry. Although, having a legit volume of constant visitors per month, could take a lot of time, it is really worth your effort to spend the time communicating and giving information to your target audience.

About the author
Joseph Gojo Cruz is working as a part time link builder at Philoutsource.com but he is mainly focusing on writing about SEO and link building practices to increase organic visitors, website popularity and branding. Joseph is currently maintaining his personal blog which discusses mainly about link building strategies.

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jolie angelina June 9, 2013 at 10:30 PM    

Well We all know that to increase our organic visitors, we should frequently conduct different off-page and on-page techniques for our website to help search engine index our pages that will drive traffic.

Onyekachi June 12, 2013 at 12:30 PM    

Nice post Jolie. One of the ways I to be active in social media is to frequently share valuable information which may not be from your site but from other sites that you read their content that is related on the subject of discussion. I have seen Bloggersentral do this often and it has given the reputation you talked about to this site. Thank you for the awesome tip once more.

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This is good way to discus the Social Media Site. How use this way to increase the Social Pages.

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